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Episode 57. Wanting Life To Be Easy And Neat, Not Messy And Difficult!

Aug 25, 2023

A client hit me with some truth last week; here's the gist...I want everything to be easy and neat...not messy and difficult. And yet, I choose to do things again and again which are hard. Which test my capability and develop me.

When I reflected on this idea later and I realised I am the same. I want a life that's easy and neat. I want to win all the time but without being exposed to failure and I want to make waves in the world without the potential for disappointment. I do not want life to be messy and difficult but I am choosing a life that will inevitably be messy and difficult, at least in parts.

This week I am knee deep in the tech for the digital confidence course I'm making and I spend half my time wondering why it's messy and difficult and the other half realising that is how it is going to be if I am choosing a challenge.

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