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Anna Manning 
Certified Coach and Brain Trainer

I always had lots of ambition AND lots of mental drama to go with it. People often assumed things were easy for me because I was always pursuing some new opportunity or getting promoted. But it didn't feel easy on the inside. The critical voice that lived in my head was pretty mean and loud. Years of listening to it had reduced my confidence and meant I experienced a lot of worry and self doubt. Back then I had no idea that everyone suffered in the same way, more or less, and that there was something you could do about it. 

In the corporate world leadership development is common and we know how to be a good boss for other people so they can feel more confident and thrive at work. What we aren't taught is how to do that for ourselves! We are conscious of the environment we create for others, but mostly oblivious of the environment we create for ourselves. This is where my work starts, helping you to see what's happening on the inside and how that impacts your confidence. 

I've been a lawyer in a law firm and in the NHS. I've been a Policy and Strategy professional. Now I help other people professionals who want to feel more confident at work.

Always happy to help with any questions you might have, just email me If you want to find out about working with me yourself, or hiring me to support members of your team, just click the button below and book a call: 

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