Anna Manning 
Certified Transformation Coach and Brain Trainer

Many years of starting and stopping various projects left me with zero confidence in my ability to see things through.  I was never short of ideas but I was  woefully short on decision making and action.  I struggled, losing  confidence in my ability to make a decision, a commitment and take action consistently. I had a lot of mind drama and a very loud inner critic which stopped me from pursuing things at work and in life. 

  • Being confused about what I wanted to pursue to getting serious and making decisions 

  • Starting things I never finished to knowing if I started I would finish

  • Taking very little action to taking a lot of action consistently

  • Being afraid of making decisions to being confident about making decisions

  • Having a lot of ideas and taking very little action to filtering my ideas taking a lot of action on some

  • Setting goals and giving up to setting goals and sticking with it!

I knew that I wanted to support other women to make the same changes, and Yes You was born!  

After coaching for 3 years, I found my area of specialist skill, coaching women who want to bring out what's inside them, deal with their mind drama in a supportive environment and become self-possessed and confident. 

My coaching tends to cover elements of work and life. 


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