Anna Manning 
Certified Transformation Coach and Facilitator

Do you want to be the kind of person who decides what you want, then goes for it? Then I can help you!

Working with me one on one you will learn to uncover your answers, make plans and execute them, leaving you feeling calmer, focused and ready for action.

How do you want to transform your life? Yes You coaching programme will allow you to:

  • Explore what you really want 

  • Make decisions on what to bring to life and what not to

  • Reflect on what's important to you and why; and

  • Illuminate limiting beliefs which have built up preventing you from taking action

  • Take action consistently to get from where you are, to where you want to be 

Many years of starting and stopping various projects left me with zero confidence in my ability to see things through.  I was never short of ideas but I was  woefully short on decision making and action.  I struggled, losing  confidence in my ability to make a decision, a commitment and take action consistently. Working with a coach enabled me to go from:

  • Being confused about what I wanted to pursue to getting serious and making decisions 

  • Starting things I never finished to knowing if I started I would finish

  • Taking very little action to taking a lot of action consistently

  • Being afraid of making decisions to being confident about making decisions

  • Having a lot of ideas and taking very little action to filtering my ideas taking a lot of action on some

  • Setting goals and giving up to setting goals and sticking with it!

I knew that I wanted to support other women to make the same changes, and Yes You was born!  

 You can make these changes too, and I can help you learn how.  Use your free call to make the first step...


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London, UK

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