I’m Anna, a certified Coach and brain trainer.

People often assumed things were easy for me because I was always pursuing some new opportunity or getting promoted.

I worked as a lawyer within law firms, the NHS, and as a policy and strategy consultant – it probably looked easy on the outside, but it didn’t feel easy on the inside.

Years of listening to the critical voice in my head had reduced my confidence, and I experienced almost constant internal drama.

That persisted throughout my professional career, clouding my experience even as I rose through the ranks, until I worked on quieting my inner critic. From there, I learned that it’s actually possible to identify markers that cause low confidence, so that you can change them.

Through data gathered from 100s of confidence coaching sessions, I identified the specific habits and behaviour patterns that create and maintain low confidence.

Since 2018, I’ve been helping professionals develop more confidence in their whole selves, with a holistic approach that will never ask you to be someone you’re not.

By working with me, you’ll find out what’s actually creating the low confidence, so you can fix the problem at the root.

The High and Low Confidence Cycles

I’ve distilled these findings into a Low Confidence Cycle and a High Confidence Cycle, my signature method of understanding low confidence so that you can move past it and feel the confidence you deserve at work.

Low Confidence Cycle

Poor Self- Management

  • Self-critical 
  • Self-doubt rife and unmanaged
  • Focus on how you are being perceived
  • Creating internal pressure  
  • Not providing emotional support to yourself on difficult days

Unrealistic standards

  • Perfectionism - demands you know everything and are perfect first time.
  • Comparison (usually negative)

Failure to acknowledge good work

  • Focus' on the negatives and forgets positives and achievements. 
  • Needs someone to tell you you are doing a good job- or you assume you aren't
  • Refusal to acknowledge good work or give yourself praise

High Confidence Cycle

Good self-management

  • Manage yourself how you want to be managed
  • You can recognize and manage the inner critic
  • Reduced self-doubt and building self-trust
  • Reduced the internal pressure for a cleaner, calmer mind
  • Focus on what your doing v. how you are perceived
  • Provide yourself with emotional support

Realistic Standards

  • Setting more realistic standards: does it / do you need to be perfect? 
  • You can tolerate some learning points and still feel secure in your job
  • Increasing tolerance to failures, mistakes and setbacks, more resilient 
  • Reduced comparison 

Acknowledges good work

  • Know you are in your job for good reason
  • Acknowledging your good work and giving yourself praise
  • Intentional focus on the positives and progress

I am dedicated to helping professionals – especially women and those from marginalised groups – move through low confidence and into a High Confidence Cycle.

Here’s what I don’t do:

❌  Tell you to create some type of “fake it till you make it” confidence that doesn’t hold up under pressure.

❌  Ask you to act out a persona that isn’t you.

❌  Try to get you to “just think positive” (which doesn’t work either).

Instead, we’ll look at your particular confidence challenges and I’ll help you to uncover the habits and patterns underpinning them.

In the corporate world, leadership development is common. We know how to be a good boss for other people so they can feel more confident and thrive at work.

But if you’re like most of my clients, you were never taught how to be a good boss to for yourself!

We are conscious of the environment we create for others, but mostly oblivious to the environment we create for ourselves.

We treat people fairly when they make a mistake, then beat ourselves up for weeks.

We speak to the people around us with respect and kindness, and criticise ourselves constantly.

We give others feedback about positive aspects of their work, but just focus on the negatives ourselves. 

This is where my work starts. I’ll help you to see what's happening on the inside and shift your thoughts and behaviours so you can feel more confident at work.

You don't have to be stuck in a low confidence cycle. As soon as you can identify what's keeping you stuck in one, things will start to change.


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