Anna Manning 
Certified Coach and Brain Trainer

I always had lots of ambition AND lots of mental drama. People assumed things were easy for me because I was always going for some new opportunity. It wasn't. I always said yes and put myself forwards and reached for new jobs and opportunities but inside it was tough. That critical voice that lives in our head was mean and loud! 

Growing up I loved self-help and personal development. I always read, listened to podcasts (or tapes in the early days!) and eventually, after experiencing how much coaching helped me untangle my own thoughts, I trained  trained to become a coach. Along the way I got to see just how much the noise in my head was impacting my self-confidence and I vowed to make a change.


After coaching everyone on everything for a couple of years

I've been a lawyer in a law firm and in the NHS.  I've been a Policy and Strategy professional. I've been a nail artist. Now I've found my true calling; coaching women who want to increase their confidence at work. Not only does it support the individual, it contributes to increasing gender equality in our workplaces and our world. Win, win. 

Got questions? Always happy to help, just email me hello@yesyoucoaching.com. If you want to find out about working with me, just click the button below and book a call: 


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