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Episode 56. Jobs For Women: A Confidence Conversation With Zoë Haydn Jones and Anna Manning

Aug 18, 2023

Anna was interviewed Zoë Haydn Jones for the Jobs for Women Podcast and we are sharing that interview here! Join us to dive into all things confidence in professional spaces.

Anna shares her career pathway and choices, my moments of self-doubt, victories, and passion for helping others improve their own confidence and we delve into many issues faced by many professionals today. From women grappling with the gap between their evident competence and confidence to the underrecognised role of internal dialogues and self-perception in shaping professional confidence, and even addressing children’s fears around societal judgement – this conversation is a comprehensive exploration of confidence in today’s world.

Anna and Zoe engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the importance of introspective work to overcome confidence obstacles, underlining the universality of these struggles due to shared human brain behavior patterns. Anna shares the secret behind her process to supporting clients to transform their confidence, by first helping them to transform their “internal environment” into a nurturing and supportive one, from which, confidence grows naturally.

Delve into this enlightening episode, as Anna Manning and Zoe Haydn Jones unpack the significance of self-awareness, self-perception, and positive internal dialogue in fostering a more confident, resilient, and successful professional identity.

Jobs for Women (JFW) is an inclusive jobs board and podcast connecting untapped, talented women (at college, university, or employed) in underrepresented industries and equitable companies committed to consistently improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

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