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Struggle public speaking?

This week I was coaching a client who was baffled as to why she was struggling so much with public speaking. I asked her if I could share her story with you, because I know she isn't the only one struggling. Here's what she told me:

I just don't get it. I know what I am talking about, no one else knows the that topic better than me, but for some reason I get all mixed up and struggle to deal with any question or anything that happens which is outside the scripted stuff I have prepared.

I asked, what is happening when you are getting all mixed up?

Well, I feel quite stressed. I, erm, I'm trying to get my words and I'm thinking that I'm not making sense. Thinking that everyone is seeing me going red. That everyone is thinking, she doesn't know what she is talking about.

I asked, do you think you are more present in the room, or more, listening to all the throughs in your head?

Oh definitely more listening to the thoughts in my head! She replied. I am having this whole conversation in my head or just listening to the thoughts whizzing around.


I want you to be her coach for a moment here.

Can you see why she was struggling to answer people's questions? Struggling to speak clearly and think on the spot? It's because she was trying to do all that while SIMULTANEOUSLY focusing on all the thoughts running through her head.

When most of our focus is on our own thoughts, we lose our ability to think and speak clearly, and to connect with people in the room. Mentally, we have left the room (even when we are still standing there).

If you struggle presenting or public speaking, could this be happening to you?

Think back to a moment when you have struggled. Were you focused on your own thoughts, or were you fully present in the room? Really think about it because getting that awareness is the first step. Once you know what the problem is, you are on the road to solving it!


If you want my help to keep your focus in the room instead of in your own head while you are public speaking the Confident at Work programme is for you - I am inviting you to seriously consider joining us. This issue DOES NOT have to persist for your whole career.

Here's what one Confident at Work graduate said.... my fear of public speaking (almost magically) disappeared!

Before the programme is over you will be presenting more calmly, and keeping your focus in the room. Which means you will be able to answer questions, and you won't have to script and over-prepare for every possible scenario because you will be able to think as you go!

Confident at work graduates have already sorted this issue, you can be next. If that sounds good, email me now to find out about joining

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