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Are your wings unfurled?

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

A coaching client coming to the end of her coaching journey described a powerful image of her standing on a rock above a forest in front of blue skies with her huge wings fully unfurled. She described a proud stance, hands on hips and head held high. Metaphorically of course! At the start of the coaching she described herself as having wings which were tucked in and furled up. When we explored the vision, the feelings associated with her wings being unfurled were described as stuck, small and fearful. Conversely, the feelings she described as being associated with her new powerful vision were strength, readiness and powerful.

Did the new vision she now embodied that mean she was never afraid anymore? No, it didn’t, she admitted. But the fact was, her new feeling were resulting in her taking action, creating momentum and this was getting her results and increasing her confidence, so she took more action; it was a positive circle. When she had those moments of fear she held on because she knew what she was working towards, what action she had committed to taking and what changes she had already seen.

Imagine you had great beautiful wings on your back, now think about your current attitude and feelings towards life and what you are trying to achieve. Are those wings:-

A) Unfurled, blowing in a breeze, ready to take flight?

B) Unfurled but down by your sides?

C) Curled up tight behind you?

How does your answer make you feel. How do you want to feel?

If you are ready to open those wings and catch a breeze, speak to us about one to one coaching by scheduling a call with us.

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