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One tip to minimise Imposter Phenomenon

You don't have to suffer in silence thinking that you will, one day, be called out as a fraud.

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Walking away from Imposter Phenomenon.

Laura* told me this week she endlessly worries that one day everyone will find out she really has no idea what she is doing, and when they do, she'll get sacked. Laura is smart. She has a great job, which she enjoys. Laura is successful and I'm sure most people assume she is confident about her achievements; if only they knew.

The fact is, Laura is not alone. What Laura describes is commonly called Impostor Phenomenon and refers to intense feelings of intellectual fraudulence, often experienced by high achieving individuals. If you recognise this trait in yourself, you are not alone. But, given people tend not to talk about their struggle with Imposter Phenomenon, you might reasonably think that you are the only one.

Here is my tip; share the way you feel with someone, as soon as possible. Tell them that you think you might be experiencing Imposter Phenomenon and what happens when you do. These kinds of thinking patterns thrive in silence, so get it out! Laura told me she felt better from just saying it out loud, but if you aren't quite ready for that, put it in an email.

So, here is my tip; share the way you feel with someone, as soon as possible.

If you are challenged by Imposter Phenomenon, coaching can help. Book a free call via the website homepage and tell me how I can help you.

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