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One tip to keep you moving forwards when goal panic strikes...

So you've set an exciting goal for 2019; cue mild freak out. If your goal is big enough to be interesting, expect a moment of blind panic. Before you worry that you've picked the wrong goal consider this, your mild freak out might actually be an indication that you are on the right track.

If I just lay perfectly still, my goal will not see me.

It is worth remembering that your brain is evolved to keep you safe. It is the tiger equivalent of massive paws and great big teeth; there to protect you. There is nothing immediately dangerous about the situation which you find yourself in, but your primitive brain doesn't know that. When you set a goal outside your comfort zone your brain's response is to try to protect you from a situation which is unfamiliar and uncertain. That moment of panic is fear, designed to let you know that something scary is watching you from behind the bushes. Except in this instance, it isn't.

So, next time you feel that fear stop. Recognise it for what it is (your brain trying to keep you safe) then ask yourself this one question:

What is the next best step I can take towards achieving this goal?

When you ask this question it directly engages the more evolved rational part of your brain allowing you to take back control from panic and fear. Plus, it acknowledges the timeless truth that no destination or goal is arrived at immediately. Its comforting to know, that like any journey, your goal will only be arrived at by taking one little step after another.

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