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Making It Without Faking It

Spent a lot of your career trying to be more like this guy? Because this is what confidence looks like right?!

Actually, thankfully, wrong. We have patriarchal conditioning to thank for showing us that this is what confidence looks like. For thinking that we have to be the loud, un-caring, emotionless corporate guy to succeed. Most of my clients have this idea in their heads as the archetype of what confidence looks like. But - it doesn't usually look or sound a lot like them. Maybe you’d like to be more confident, but you've concluded that you just aren't that type of person, that being more confident just isn't in your nature or that If you are too confident you'll become arrogant. I am here to wake you up! You can be yourself at work AND become more confident. In fact, one actually leads to the other. Faking it does you so far, but it wont get you any further. If you've tried faking it till you make it and you still don't feel as confident as you want to, join Confident at Work. You will learn how to make it WITHOUT faking it. Bookings are open now. Book a call to find out about joining us here:

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