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I am not smart enough -limiting beliefs part 3

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Today we look at the last in this mini-series around limiting beliefs, which are:

1) I am not deserving of _______ (this job, this promotion, love, praise, etc.)

2) I have nothing to offer

3) I am not ________ enough (smart, beautiful, interesting etc.)

Many things can fill the blanks within this limiting belief. Today we are going to look at the commonly held beliefs which surface around work. Beliefs such as I am not smart enough to operate my business successfully. Even people who are extremely successful suffer with this type of limiting belief, often referred to as Imposter Syndrome. The limiting belief that you are not smart enough leads to feeling of being fraudulent and wondering when you will be found out for the true dumbass that you are, and it will all come crashing down!

I teach a specific class designed to get you thinking and changing your beliefs by understanding that inner negative voice. One of the most interesting things I see is that people have seldom been open with others about what that voice in their head says to them, leaving most people feeling the effects of their inner negative voice all alone. If you feel that inner voice stops you from reaching your full potential or slows you down, you are not alone. In fact, you are good company! Here are some of the things which mine says to me:-

  • No one will love the real you, it should stay hidden (you are not loveable enough)

  • You are annoying (you are not cool enough)

  • You are afraid (you are not brave enough)

  • You cannot finish things (you are not strong enough)

Not the kind of things you would wish to hear eh?

In order to start being open about this type of limiting belief, I suggest you try writing down what your nagging voice says to you, don't analyse it, just put some music on and write. Then take some time to have a look. Just a warning though here, it can be pretty hard to look at and tears are not uncommon]. If you feel able to, I encourage you have a conversation with a friend about that nagging voice. Ask them about what their nagging voice says to them and share yours too. You are not alone!

If you want to be coached through your own nagging voice, book your free intro call with us.

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