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How I coach myself when I’m doing big things *and how you can too

I'm selling the next round of my Confident at Work programme for the next two weeks.

During the next two week I will tell a lot of people about Confident at Work, talk to lots of women who are interested in joining. It feels like I'm doing big things. And it’s daunting doing big things.

But I have some magic tricks up my (pink shacket) sleeve which helps me do big things: I talk to myself.

When I feel the fear grip me, I talk to myself. Here’s how that went this morning...

I woke up and the first thing which came to mind after the bin men are here was…it’s launch day. Then I felt the fear grip me. But as I was sitting on the toilet I gave myself a talking to…..

Right, it’s going to be a big two weeks but I promise you Anna, no matter what happens over the next two weeks I will not criticize you or doubt you. I will be with you every step of the way. I promise you.

Immediately I felt the fear slacken its grip on my chest. And you know what….I actually started to look forward to my two weeks!

When I learned how to be that kind of support for myself I could do big things because I was supported.

When you learn how to be that kind of support for yourself, you can do big things and big hard jobs because you are supported.

To be clear this would have been my approach in the past. I would have let that kind of fear run riot. I would doubt myself, ruminate and talk crap to myself all week. Needless to say that approach was not good. It either stopped me doing big things or scared me shitless while I did them.

If that kind of fear is stopping you or scaring you shitless you are invited to join Confident at Work coaching and training programme in the next two weeks. It's the place where you will learn how to do your big job or big things more confidently because you are well supported. Book a call here to talk to me about joining.

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