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Are you a light shining in the dark?

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

For my friend Emma, it's shining a light on animal cruelty online

For my friend Angela it's in the streets where homelessness is in London

For my friend Hayley it's in her local community arts venue in Peckham

For my friend Kim it's teaching people how to eat nutritious food on their way to their fitness goals

For my sister Ruth it's as a midwife to trafficked women and asylum seekers in Sheffield

For my friend Ruth its helping women in Northern Ireland access abortions

For my friend Helen its supporting women with practical support and housing when they don't want abortions

For my sister Sarah is strengthen peoples body's and minds through her Barre Concept classes

For my friend Charlotte it's giving disabled youth a voice in Tower Hamlets

For my sister in law it's visiting peoples homes and providing their medical care

For my mum it's sharing her years of parenting tips and tricks

For my mother in law it's baking cakes for great causes

For my priest its tirelessly working to support black and ethnic minority communities within the church and without

For my sister Kate its supporting gifted girls to thrive

There is a lot of darkness in the world which, at times, feels like it could swallow us up. But look closely and you will see lots of little lights shining everywhere.

So don't lose heart. The darkness gives us a million opportunities shine into those dark corners, wherever we find them. Where are you that light shining in the dark?

Join the community.

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