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4 ways your inner critic is showing up

Do you recognise the different faces of your inner critic? In this post we explore some of the ways in which your inner critic can show up so you can recognise them.

My inner critic showing up again!

1) The Kindly Critic - this voice can be tricky to spot, but its hampering your life nonetheless. This voice is the one which urges you to stay in comfort where things are cosy and easy. It will try and prevent you from getting uncomfortable by being 'kind'. For example, you set your alarm to get to a yoga class before work. Your alarm goes off, and this voice says "you are tired, you really should stay in bed". It sounds kind, but watch out. Staying comfortable wont get you where you want to go.

2) The Bastard - This voice can be harsh. It can tell you your worthless, your stupid and that you will defiantly fail, because you always do. Recognise this one? It is that voice which you probably don't tell anyone about, and a voice which you wouldn't dream of using on anyone else. If this voice goes unnoticed and unchecked, it can be demotivating and lead to you feeling worthless and afraid.

3) The worrier - This voice can start off sounding legitimate, "what if X happens", but, if left unchecked, it can go from one small worry to a full blown catastrophe in seconds. It loves to create stories and what if scenarios which will invariably be negative. You will notice that the "what if's" this voice creates are never, "what if my business succeeds and I get everything I ever wanted and then my relationships start to improve and I can spend more time doing the things I want". Oh no. More likely from the worrier says "What if my business fails and I lose all my money and then I cant get another job and then I end up homeless." This

voice can stop you from taking steps forward because it magnifies all the potential problems and pitfalls which can paralyse you, and prevent you from taking action.

4) The Imposter - This voice is concerned with feelings of self-doubt and fear of being discovered as a fraud. It is often present around peoples professional lives and achievements at work. Most people report that their imposter voice will think they are a fraud, that they never should have got their job in the first place, and that one day everyone will realise that they never did know what they were doing. When you succeed, it might remind you that you got lucky, and that you had lots of help. The original research around the imposter phenomenon stated that around 70% if people cited that they felt this way.

Did you recognise any of these voices? If so, try and stay aware, it can help to reduce their appearances frequency or prevent them from spiralling out of control. If you want to change something in your life, and your inner critic is preventing you from taking the action you need, coaching can help! Book an introductory call using the 'book a call' button on the home page.

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