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Feel more confident at work.

Welcome to Confident at work, the small group coaching and training programme where women learn how to grow and maintain their professional confidence. 

Ready to talk to Anna about joining? 

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Working at home

You know logically you are good at your job. No one is complaining, in fact, you are doing well. In theory you should feel more confident, but you don't. 

Here's what I know about you: 


  • You can be quite self-critical 

  • You experience self-doubt around work 

  • You set high standards for yourself and your work (you might even call yourself a perfectionist)

  • You can easily pick out the negatives and flaws but find it harder to  acknowledge the good things about yourself

  • Other people seem to believe in your ability more than you do

Now imagine you could.. 

  • Feel more confident and finally have this low confidence 'problem' solved?

  • Handle the big, out of your comfort zone situations with more ease

  • Say what you wanted when you wanted to without second guessing yourself or getting in your head about it 

  • Be yourself instead of having to act a certain way or fake a confident exterior?

  • Bounce back quicker after hard days and difficult moments without dwelling on them for days?

Contemplating at Work

It's possible. You can..

  • Feel more confident at work.

  • Fully believe in yourself and your abilities and show up to your work with that energy.

  • Speak up when you have something to say, even in more difficult moments and with more senior people.​​

  • Feel content with what you know and what you don't.

  • Enjoy work more, and enjoy not being at work more too! 

Digital nomad
At work

How do I know?

I've coached 100’s of women who feel the same as you. 


  • I know what it’s like to be doing your best to ‘look’ confident on the outside and be exhausted by it on the inside.

  • But I also know what it’s like on the other side.

  • I’ve had the privilege of helping 100’s of incredible women build their confidence. 

  • I would love to help you, too.

Take your confidence to the next level.

The Details ​

Six-month coaching and training program.


Months 1 - 3 

  • 10 individual coaching sessions

  • 3 group classes to teach the skills and strategies of confidence building 


Months  4-6 

  • Weekly 60-minute group coaching calls.

Start date: The next cohort begins the first week of April 2023. 

Group Size: Groups will not exceed 15
Cost: £3000 for businesses purchasing the programme for their staff or £2,400 for individuals purchasing the programme with payment plans available to spread the cost. Please just ask! 

Sarah, Partner, UK Law firm

“I had lost confidence in myself from a strong belief that I needed to play a role at work, totally ignoring my achievements to date or the fact that I had got to where I am from being me and doing it in my way. Anna helped me to recognise that, and to find my inner confidence once again just by being myself.
If I am honest I thought coaching would be about teaching me how to play a role at work to make my mark in a male dominated environment. How I should act, phrases I should use, the power suit I should wear, “fake it until you make it” etc.. It couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact it was all about accessing what I already had and learning to trust myself again.

Daniela, Senior Healthcare Scientist 

"Before starting, I was highly sceptical about myself and coaching but for some reason, I still decided to take a leap in the unknown. Today, I think that was one of the best decisions of my life. I know myself better, I have tools I didn't have three months ago and I know how to use them to achieve the results I want both at work and in my private life.....Today I have chaired a meeting that wasn't planned to be chaired by me with people I have never met before and I felt like a new person! I was smiley, calm, assertive, clear and FULLY PRESENT. What did you do to me?!!"

Emma Wake, Legal Director 

“One of the

most valuable courses I've

ever done in my

professional career. It's

made me realise how

much harder my working

day was just because of my

own thoughts, self-doubts

and being my own worst

critic. Being given the

space and opportunity to

properly understand what

is going on in my own

mind, and the tools to be

able to deal with it has

made a huge impact on

how I approach new,

challenging or confronting


I can't recommend the

course highly enough.

Are you ready to join Confident at Work?



Please fill out the short form using the link below and I will be in touch with the next steps soon.

Do you have questions about the programme?

  • Sign up for a 60 min. call using the link below
  • We’ll explore the changes you want to make, and how we can make them happen.
  • Then we’ll decide whether Confident at Work is a good fit for you.
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