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Many professional women struggle to show up with Authentic Confidence.

For those of us whose identities have historically been excluded or denied access from high positions in our industries (which is almost every industry), being “confident” often means masking your doubts and fears and pretending to be someone you’re not.

Wearing a power suit, learning how to project your voice, taking speech classes, changing your posture… All of this can feel necessary to fit in and get ahead, especially when you’re one of the only women, people of colour, or member of another historically marginalised group within your organisation.

But it is possible to feel confident without trying to mimic someone else’s persona, or act like someone you believe you “should” be. This is Authentic Confidence.

When you are authentically confident, your confidence comes from the inside out. It’s real. There’s no need to alter who you are, or spend time learning how to carry yourself “correctly” or “confidently.”

With Authentic Confidence, you don’t put on a mask when you go into the office and mimic confidence. You show up exactly as you are, without doubting your expertise or ability, because you actually feel confident from the inside.

It is possible for you to feel more confident at work.

It’s not about what your team thinks of you, how well you lead your next presentation, or how many degrees you have.

It’s about how YOU manage yourself throughout the day.

(Think of your brain like just another member of your team who needs your support and direction.)

I created Confident At Work after analysing hundreds of confidence coaching sessions with successful professionals across various industries, from law to healthcare and everything in between.

Using these insights, I’ve identified the specific patterns that create low confidence, and created a simple, repeatable process that anyone can use to break free of that cycle to develop high confidence.

Within this programme, you’ll identify which habits and patterns that are keeping you stuck in negativity and self doubt. Then you’ll receive all the tools you need to rewire your brain so that you can change those habits for good, and feel more confident every day.

What you'll get:

  • A process to create your unique confidence blueprint: this simple system is your personalised path to feeling your most confident at work.

  • Training, backed by years of experience, to identify and understand the underlying habits that are keeping your confidence low.

  • Four transformative self-study modules to help you change the habits that are undercutting your confidence and rewire your brain so that you can feel more confident at work.

  • 5 accompanying worksheets with exercises featuring my proven integration strategies to enhance your learning.

  • Lifetime access to all the materials, so you can return to this work as needed - because confidence is a career long journey.

  • 2 live coaching calls each month during 2024 to ask questions and get coaching on the confidence challenges you are facing!


What you’ll learn:

This course consists of 4 easy to digest modules to help you identify what is contributing to your low confidence at work, and what steps you can take to start increasing your confidence right away.

It’s designed to be EASY and quick for you to progress through. Each module features 2-6 videos with most under 30 minutes.

I go deep into each topic without time-wasting fluff, so you can focus your time on implementing what you learn to create actual changes in your confidence


How to Grow Your Professional Confidence

What are high and low confidence cycles, and what do they have to do with the way you show up to work? In this module, you’ll identify what confidence looks like for you and dig into how you can start changing your habits, patterns, and behaviours to achieve that goal.

You’ll walk away from this module with a clear vision for a more confident you, and an action plan to get there.


Manage Yourself

Confidence is a multi-faceted skill. Growing your confidence means knowing how to tackle your inner critic, handle your self doubt, reduce internal pressure, and take care of yourself on the bad days which will inevitably happen!

You’ll walk away from this module knowing exactly how to manage the difficult thoughts and negative emotions you’re so accustomed to getting caught up in at  work – so that you can manage yourself effectively and FEEL better every day.


Set Your Standards

If you’re like so many of my clients, perfectionism has been part of your identity since you were in school. In your career, it shows up by creating over-the-top high standards… and then beating yourself up when you can never fully reach them! 

You’ll walk away from this module with an entirely new perspective on how to set realistic standards and how to handle mistakes, failure, and comparison when they arise.



Acknowledge Yourself

So often when professionals get caught up in negativity and perfectionism, they lose the ability to acknowledge themselves, despite their incredible accomplishments! Here, learn the difference between internal and external validation, so that you develop an internal sense of confidence around your skills and capabilities that doesn’t rely on anyone else.

You’ll walk away from this module with a powerful new approach to thinking about the way you work, which will support you in valuing your impact and continuing to make meaningful contributions within your organisation.

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