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Feel more confident at work.

If you hire me, we work together to get you that result. 

If you have ever wished you were a bit more confident at work (even if you have kept that inside and never really shared it before), I am your coach.  I have heard (and experienced!) all the brain drama you are experiencing, so sharing it is safe with me. 

I am not about just teaching you tools or creating some type of 'fake it till you make it' confidence. That has you acting out a persona which isn't you, which isn't sustainable. I am also not about telling you to 'just think positive', that doesn't work either.  What we will do, is look carefully together at your particular confidence challenges and I will help you to uncover the habits and patterns which are underpinning them.  

Every client I work with is good at their job, but they still dont feel as confident as they want and they dont really understand why.


That's where I can help; I know the habits and patterns which create lower confidence and how to fix them.


After analysing data gathered over 100's of confidence coaching sessions I could see a particular set of habits and patterns when someone's confidence was higher and a particular set of habits and patterns when when someones confidence was lower. I created the high and low confidence cycles as a visual summary - take a look here.


During coaching we will work to identify the habits and patterns keeping your confidence lower than you want it to be and work to change your habits, rewire your brain and grow your confidence. It's a simple system, and it works. 

In order to be sure that I can help you, I offer an initial free coaching exploration call. I will not offer to work with you unless I am sure that I can help you to you to get results. Book a call now using the button below. 

Working with me privately costs a minimum of £2,400.

Emma Wake, Legal Director, Birmingham 

“One of the
most valuable courses I've
ever done in my
professional career. It's
made me realise how
much harder my working
day was just because of my
own thoughts, self-doubts
and being my own worst
critic. Being given the
space and opportunity to
properly understand what
is going on in my own
mind, and the tools to be
able to deal with it has
made a huge impact on
how I approach new,
challenging or confronting
I can't recommend the
course highly enough.

Daniela, Senior Healthcare Scientist 

"Before starting, I was highly sceptical about myself and coaching but for some reason, I still decided to take a leap into the unknown. Today, I think that was one of the best decisions of my life. I know myself better, I have tools I didn't have three months ago and I know how to use them to achieve the results I want both at work and in my private life.....Today I have chaired a meeting that wasn't planned to be chaired by me with people I have never met before and I felt like a new person! I was smiley, calm, assertive, clear and FULLY PRESENT. What did you do to me?!!"

Sarah, Legal Partner

"I had lost confidence in myself from a strong belief that I needed to play a role at work, totally ignoring my achievements to date or the fact that I had got to where I am from being me and doing it in my way. Anna helped me to recognise that, and to find my inner confidence once again just by being myself.
If I am honest I thought coaching would be about teaching me how to play a role at work to make my mark in a male dominated environment. How I should act, phrases I should use, the power suit I should wear, “fake it until you make it” etc.. It couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact it was all about accessing what I already had and learning to trust myself again.

Kate Sanders, Consultant 

When I started working with Anna I had rock-bottom confidence and my inner critic was fully in charge. I believed, because I’d failed something, I was a failure. And now, because of Anna’s coaching, I truly don’t believe that anymore. Anna’s empathic, caring and very personal approach to coaching has turned me around to believe in myself. I’ve learned so much about how to manage myself, and my thoughts and my expectations, and I’m now genuinely excited rather than terrified about the next step of my work journey, which I couldn’t have imagined 12 weeks ago. I can’t thank Anna enough and would strongly recommend her coaching to anyone struggling with their confidence. It might even change your life!

Ione Ashurst 

Head of Therapies and Rehabilitation 

At work, I have struggled with a fear of speaking up to share ideas, a fear of engaging in conversations in meetings, a fear of being judged as incompetent. This fear would keep me in my safe zone, affecting performance and productivity and the potential to further improvements. Within a few weeks of starting the “confident at work programme” I noticed a difference in my behaviour. The fear was not so pronounced; I was becoming assertive, questioning, and contributing to meetings. From then on, my confidence was growing fast. Whilst sometimes that reluctance is still there, I can accept it as normal, and despite my reservations, I am no longer apathic at meetings.
Thanks so much Anna for all your help.

Lydia, Legal Associate

I started coaching with Anna following my return to work after maternity leave with my first child. I was struggling to understand who this new me was and how I fitted in at work given that my life had been completely transformed. I lost a lot of confidence in myself and in my own judgment. I spent a lot of time worrying about what other people thought about me and analysing interactions and what they might mean. Anna was supportive, encouraging and sometimes challenging (which I needed) and helped me regain my confidence and self-assurance – all magically and without giving any advice!
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