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Feel more confident at work.

If you hire me, we work together to get you that result. 

If you have ever wished you were a bit more confident at work (even if you have kept that inside and never really shared what it looks like inside your head), I am your coach.  I have heard (and experienced) all the brain drama you are experiencing, so it's safe with me. 

I am not about just teaching you tools or creating some type of 'fake it till you make it' confidence. That has you acting out a persona which isn't you. Which isn't sustainable. I am also not about telling you to 'just think positive'. That doesn't work either. 

In order to be sure I can help you, I offer an initial free coaching exploration call. I will not offer to work with you unless I am sure that I can help you to you to get results. Book it in now using the button below. 

Costs for working with me one on one are a minimum of £1,500. 

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