Confident at Work.

This programme brings together women from different industries with one aim; increasing their confidence.


You will build your professional confidence and be be equipped with the tools, knowledge and skills you need to maintain it over the course of your career. 

This programme is for you if you:


  • Want to increase your confidence and your impact at work  

  • Are good at your job and have the technical knowledge you ned to succeed, but still experience moments where you feel less than confident at work 

  • May be managing increased seniority or responsibility 


Participants can expect to feel more confident:


  • In themselves, their work and in leading others 

  • Handling difficult days, difficult conversations and moments of self-doubt

  • Managing challenges and set-backs and experience increased resilience 

  • Speaking up in more senior rooms/client meetings 

  • Public speaking and networking 


What is included:

Month 1-3

  • Ten individual 60-minute coaching sessions to explore and develop your key areas of focus

  • Three masterclasses to learn the tools and skills you need to create and maintain confidence 

  • Essential teaching of self-coaching tools that will help you learn how to self-coach – for life!

  • Optional 30 day challenge 


Month 5-7

  • Bi-weekly group coaching to embed your new skills and guarantee your results over time 

  • Closing celebration class to review your results and plan what comes next! 

But don't just take it from me, here is what two Confident at Work graduates wanted you to know: 

Sarah, Partner, UK Law Firm:

"I had lost confidence in myself from a strong belief that I needed to play a role at work, totally ignoring my achievements to date or the fact that I had got to where I am from being me and doing it in my way. Anna helped me to recognise that, and to find my inner confidence once again just by being myself.

I would encourage you to take the first step and talk to Anna. It was much easier than I thought it would be to offload the thoughts in my head and to sense check them with someone who is calm, confident and approachable. At times I can still see a little Anna in my head which makes me smile pointing out “there goes your brain again!…”.  Coaching with Anna really has been one of the best investments I have made in myself.

Update: since completing the programme, Sarah has been promoted.

Daniela, Senior Healthcare Scientist:

Throughout the programme, I became aware of my thoughts and how they were influencing my work and private life. I became well aware of what I was missing in life because of some fixed misbeliefs I was carrying around unconsciously.
Before starting, I was highly sceptical about myself and coaching but for some reason, I still decided to take a leap in the unknown. Today, I think that was one of the best decisions of my life. I know myself better, I have tools I didn't have three months ago and I know how to use them to achieve the results I want both at work and in my private life. 
During the programme, I have already seen tangible improvements. To mention a few, my fear of public speaking has disappeared (that felt like pure magic!), my negative self-talking has quieted down, I approach crucial conversations at work with less anxiety and I am much more assertive and confident while being as kind and compassionate as I wanted to be. 
Anna is fantastic. With professionalism and with excellent listening skills, she has created a safe and judgment-free space for me. She was able to challenge me when needed while always being compassionate and kind. 
P.S: Today I have chaired a meeting that wasn't planned to be chaired by me with people I have never met before and I felt like a new person! I was smiley, calm, assertive, clear and FULLY PRESENT. What did you do to me?!!

Are you in?  

If you are considering joining the programme, first we have a free introductory call. We’ll work out if this programme is right for you, and the sort of results that I can help you achieve. 


The next round starts in September 2022, places are limited to 15, book your call here to find out how Confident at Work can help you: 


If you are considering Confident at Work on behalf of your business or individuals within your team please get in touch. Each programme round contains individuals nominated by their employer: