Want to be more confident at
work? I can help you.

This seven month programme is specifically designed so you will increase your confidence at work. 


Even if you have never told anyone that you struggle with negative thinking, worries and that hear that critical voice in your head at work I get you. This is my speciality. I know what is going on in your brain and what you need to do to change it. 

And I promise you. It's not just you. There are so many people who struggle with negative thinking at work. Here are some of the ways it shows up, struggling to: 


  • speak up

  • say no 

  • put boundaries in place

  • have tricky conversations with staff or leaders

  • worrying about offending people

  • say 'I don't know'

  • make decisions quickly for fear of getting it wrong 

  • over-checking work (it has to be perfect!)

Whether you tick one of these or all of them, this programme is for you. 


Working one and one with me as your coach, and as a group, you will start to understand what is happening in your mind at work and how it is creating the results you have now. You’ll get to peer into the possibility of the clearer, calmer and more confident version of you. Then you will become her. 


You should join the programme if

  • You are good at your job, but experience that internal mental drama or worry (which you probably don't tell anyone about) which slows you down and holds you back 

  • You want to increase your confidence in yourself and your work so you can feel calmer, increase your confidence at work and worry less for the rest of your career.

If you join the programme you can expect these results (honestly). 

  • Work less because you’ll stop over-preparing and having mind drama inside and outside work

  • Feel more confident in yourself and your work

  • Be able to challenge your confident colleagues (or your boss) in a big meeting without losing your calm 

  • Understand your brain better and know how to handle that critical voice in your head for life 

  • Be able to say 'I don't know' and feel OK about it

  • Speak up when you have something say (AND when you want to say no)

  • Know that you can do all this and STILL be who and how you actually are (not some false confident version of you).


This is included to ensure the programme works:

  • 10 individual 60 minute coaching sessions where we focus on the key areas of development which are important to you and where you can share and explore what's been going on in your head 

  • 3 community masterclasses with a small group of other awesome women on the programme 

  • 6 group coaching sessions for you to keep embedding what you have learnt over time 

  • Teaching on the self-coaching tools you need to manage your mind for life once you finish your coaching

But dont just take it from me, here is what some programme graduates wanted you to know: 

Sarah, Partner, UK Law Firm

"I had lost confidence in myself from a strong belief that I needed to play a role at work, totally ignoring my achievements to date or the fact that I had got to where I am from being me and doing it in my way. Anna helped me to recognise that, and to find my inner confidence once again just by being myself.

I would encourage you to take the first step and talk to Anna. It was much easier than I thought it would be to offload the thoughts in my head and to sense check them with someone who is calm, confident and approachable. At times I can still see a little Anna in my head which makes me smile pointing out “there goes your brain again!…”.  Coaching with Anna really has been one of the best investments I have made in myself.

Daniela, Senior Healthcare Scientist 

"Throughout the programme I become aware of my thoughts and how they were/are influencing my work and private life. I became well aware of what I was missing in life because of some fixed misbeliefs I was carrying around unconsciously.


Before starting, I was highly sceptical about myself and coaching but for some reason I have still decided to take a leap in the unknown. Today, I think that was one of the best decisions of my life. I know myself better, I have tools I didn't have three months ago and I know how to use them to achieve the results I want both at work and in my private life. 


During the programme, I have already seen tangible improvements. To mention a few, my fear of public speaking has disappeared (that felt like pure magic!), my negative self-talking has quieted down, I approach crucial conversations at work with less anxiety and I am much more assertive and confident while being as kind and compassionate as I wanted to be. 


Anna is fantastic. With professionalism and with excellent listening skills, she has created a safe and judgment-free space for me. She was able to challenge me when needed while always being compassionate and kind. 


P.S: Today I have chaired a meeting that wasn't planned to be chaired by me with people I have never met before and I felt like a new person! I was smiley, calm, assertive, clear and FULLY PRESENT. What did you do to me?!!"

Are you in?  

If you want to join the programme email me and let's arrange a time to chat. If you are a good fit for the programme and I know I can help you to get results, I will book you in: hello@yesyoucoaching.com

The price is £1,500. 

The next round starts in April 2022. Ask me about joining now for bonus content to get you started right now on your journey to confidence town.