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Confident at Work

Digital Confidence Course For Professionals.

Do you want to feel more confident at work?


Are you technically good at your job but find you privately lack the self-belief and confidence which should come with it? 


Hello my friend. You've found the right place.

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The Problem And The Solution

Every client I worked with was good at their job, but they still didn't feel as confident as they wanted.

And they didn't really understand why.


After analysing data gathered over 100's of confidence coaching sessions; I saw the patterns. The data showed a particular set of habits and patterns when someone's confidence was lower and a particular set of habits and patterns of behaviour when when someones confidence was higher. I created the high and low confidence cycles as a visual summary - take a look here.


If you are looking at the low confidence cycle and thinking, yep, that's me, this course was made for you.


When you join the course I help you identify the habits and patterns currently keeping you in a low confidence cycle, and teach you how to rewire your brain to change those habits and feel more confident at work.

Start today:

The Modules 

Each of the 4 core modules contains video lessons to help you reduce habits within the low confidence cycle and develop habits within the high confidence cycle.

The course is available on desktop and via a dedicated app so you can learn at your desk, or on the go: 


Module 1: How to Grow Your Confidence 

  • How to grow your professional confidence 

  • High and low confidence cycles 

  •  Set your goal and make your plan 

  • Creating your confidence plan 

  • Visualise you at goal 

  • How to change habits, patterns and behaviours


Module 2: Manage Yourself  

  • Quiet your inner critic

  • Handle self-doubt 

  • Build Self Trust  

  • Reduce internal pressure 

  • Take care of yourself on a bad day  


Module 3: Set Your Standards 

  • Working with perfectionism

  • Handling mistakes and failures 

  • Comparison 


Module 4: Acknowledge Yourself 

  • Focusing on the negatives or the positives 

  • Internal v external validation 

  • Acknowledging yourself 

Pedestrian Bridge
Speaking at Seminar

What's Possible For Me? 

Once you start to start to change your habits and move from a low confidence cycle to a high confidence cycle, things will change. You will experience less: 

  • Self doubt 

  • Indecision 

  • Worry

  • Mental noise 

  • Over-thinking 

  • Over- preparing

You will feel more confident:


  • In yourself and your work

  • Interacting with others, including seniors and clients, speaking up and presenting 

  • Handling challenges, uncertainty, new tasks, mistakes and bad days

  • Recognising and redirecting the thinking and behaviour patterns which will contribute to confidence and wellbeing at work

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